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[NEWS]Wire and cable industry vigorously

Companies adhere to the quality of survival, quality and development, quality and credibility of the purpose of the establishment of R & D, production, sales, service as one of the standard system. Smooth products through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, national mandatory product certification 3C certification, the national industrial products production license, Guangdong Province, the production license of fire products. Won the brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province famous trademark, Chinese famous brand series aimed at China's wire and cable industry low-end products surplus, high-end products in short supply situation, experts suggest that the wire and cable industry should be according to the requirements of national economic industry policy and market demand, and actively adjust the product structure, vigorously develop the high-end products, to seize the new economic growth point.
At present, some wire and cable products market prospects, and there is a certain gap between supply and demand, it is worth the attention of wire and cable manufacturers.
Nuclear power plant cable market prospects
Although the nuclear accident in Japan, the impact of domestic nuclear power development, but as early as China's "Eleventh Five Year" plan and 2020 electric power development basic principle is to deepen reform, strengthen power grid construction, vigorously develop the renewable energy, optimize hydropower development, actively develop nuclear power, due to the appropriate development of natural gas for power generation, and actively develop new energy power generation, carry out the development of low carbon economy, attach importance to ecological and environmental protection, increase the technological transformation efforts, improve energy efficiency. According to its plan, by 2020 will achieve 27 to 1000 40 MW nuclear power units, the proportion of nuclear power will rise from the current 4% to 1.8%, or even increased to 7%~8%.
At present, wire and cable industry, some companies have begun to production of class 1E class K3 cables, but only Shangshang cable a few enterprises to complete the development of class K1 cable, at present, the nuclear island cable need to import large quantities.
Submarine cable demand continues to grow
With the current global oil and gas energy increasingly tense, by the exploitation of land began a large-scale shift to offshore areas, offshore oil and natural gas project continues to expand the scale and need to from the land to offshore oil platform, the platform and the platform of power, transmission and technical data feedback, control, so that the demand for comprehensive submarine cable in the growing. According to China's oil development plan, China's offshore oil development will usher in a period of rapid development, the next 5 years will have 120 billion yuan to invest in offshore oil development.
Is expected from 2011 to 2020 years, the increase in oil platforms will be maintained at 8%~10%. The number of oil platforms in China in 2008 is about 250 units, each of which has an oil platform needs to be maintained at the bottom of the marine integrated cable of about 10km. And the amount of submarine integrated cable needed by each new oil platform is about 40km.
Except oil platform needs to use a large number of submarine cable, the development on the island by demand of submarine cable is increasing, and the Shanghai wind power generation project demands of submarine cable, comprehensive estimates of island development and offshore wind power generation of submarine cable annual demand quantity is about 300 km.
According to estimates, in 2012 the supply and demand gap between China's submarine cable is about 3000 km. And China's current production of submarine cable companies only Hanlan, Ningbo Dongfang, ZTT, Shanghai electric cable, Hubei Hongqi Cable of a small number of enterprises, annual production capacity of about 3500 ~ 4000 kilometers.
Therefore, the direction of the 2012 wire and cable industry is to develop high-end products. Honorary title.