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[NEWS]Warm congratulations on ring cable

Shenzhen City Ring Wei Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Guangming hi tech Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 160 mu, building area of 260000 square meters, has a modern office building; elegant and comfortable shop environment; advanced production equipment and testing instruments. Put in a set of imported network line series production line, high pressure production line, high pressure dilute the barber foam line, chemical foam production line, PVC production line and other production lines. With strong financial capacity and production technology, the Department of gathering many high quality of outstanding management personnel and professional and technical personnel, the formation of the large scale of industrial integration, product diversification of high-tech cable production base.
Companies adhere to the quality of survival, quality and development, quality and credibility of the purpose of the establishment of R & D, production, sales, service as one of the standard system. Products through the ISO9001 quality management system certification and a series of certification.
Wei Wei shares to produce environmentally friendly cable based, the main products are:
1, high speed network communication cable series (SYWV series coaxial cable, SYV Series RF coaxial cable, RG/JIS coaxial cable, Elevator dedicated video coaxial cable, RVVP0 shielded cable, rvvsp shielded twisted pair cable, AVVR power control cable, RVV and multi-core power control cable, RVs power control cable, RV power connecting cable, BV power connecting cable, RVB power cord connection cable and AvrB power control cable, telephone cable, high-speed network data communication cable cable (five), high-speed network line data communication cable (five), high-speed network line data communication cable (six) and small series of cable);
2, telephone communication cable series (indoor)
3, multimedia system cable;
4, SYWV75 ohm series cable TV coaxial cable;
5, SYV75 OHM Series coaxial cable;
6, RG/JIS50 75 ohm series cable;
7, elevator video coaxial cable;
8, RVVP copper core PVC insulated and sheathed shielded flexible cable;
9, RVSP products than twisted cable;
10, AVVR copper core PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable for installation;
11, RVS copper conductor PVC insulated and twisted type connection with a soft cable;
12, RVV light PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cord;
13, RVB, AVRB flat non sheathed flexible cord;
14, RV, BV copper core PVC insulation installation with a soft wire;
15, flat RVB gold and silver copper speaker wire;
16, audio, radio professional engineering dedicated audio cable connection;
17, audio and video connection with special engineering cable;
18, leather fiber products series of 18 varieties of more than 120 specifications, and to establish the corresponding sales network. In the development at the same time strive to continuously improve product quality, enhance and improve the quality of service, to ensure that the user's satisfaction.
The company's products will be in July 2012 in the company's dealer network sales. At the appointed time the company welcome each customer to come to buy this company each series product.